Ordering & Delivery

Everything you need to know about where and when we deliver, how we process orders, managing your account and how to become a customer.

Becoming a Customer

Whether you’re a fast casual chain, three Michelin star restaurant, or procurement director of a cruise ship, we work closely with you to meet your seafood needs.

For restaurants: fill out our quick, online credit application

If you’re in need of seafood asap, you can apply directly online. We give you a $6,000 credit line: all you have to do is fill out a form and talk to us on the phone. Then you can place an order for next-day delivery.

For chains, caterers, and corporate kitchens: talk to our team

If you’re working with a procurement team, or need more customized information from us, contact our team to get started.

Ordering and Customer service

We make it easy for you to get your orders in, using the format you prefer. Our customer service team will respond to your inquiries until late, and we pride ourselves on building close relationships with our customers.

Super simple ordering

Once you open an account, you can call, text, or email us your order (or a question) and we’ll get right on it. You'll receive an email acknowledgement as soon as the order is in our system. We also integrate seamlessly with platforms like rekki, toast, and market man.

Delivery On Time, As Ordered

Never worry about whether your fish will show up before service again. On time delivery is a top priority - and we will ALWAYS call you if there's or short, a substitution, or if we're delayed.

Live Customer Service until late

Our sales team is staffed by live people until late - because that's when you need us most. Email us weekdays from 7 a.m. to midnight and get an immediate response. Reach us at:

Phone: 718 328 2691

Email: sales@lobsterplace.com

Guaranteed Quality

We pride ourselves on our responsible sourcing, clean facility, and pristine seafood. From the fisheries and partners we work with, to our packing methods and our quality control protocols, we work tirelessly to ensure the seafood you expect is the seafood you receive.

Where We Deliver

Where We Deliver

Our trucks deliver Monday through Saturday throughout the NYC metro area and beyond. For locations outside of our immediate delivery radius, we offer ground and overnight shipping via UPS.

For continental U.S. zip codes only.

  • Zone 1

    $200 Min. for Free Delivery
    Morning Delivery (order by 12AM the night before)
    Emergency 2nd Runs (order by 10AM – subject to 2nd run fee)

  • Zone 2

    $200 Min. for Free Delivery
    Morning Delivery only (order by 12AM)

  • Zone 3

    $300 Min. for Free Delivery
    Morning Delivery May to Oct

  • Zone 4

    UPS Ground/Fedex Overnight/Airfreight: Anywhere in the continental US. Contact us for details.

Contactless Delivery

To maximize the safety of your team and to ensure that your seafood is waiting for you when you arrive at your restaurant, we now offer unattended delivery service.

It’s simple – entrust us with access to your kitchen and permission to deliver when you’re not there. We’ll drop your delivery precisely where you want it and email you an invoice and a picture for proof of delivery.

We’re fully insured and you’re 100% protected from any loss while we’re on your premises. What’s more, you’ll never wait for your seafood delivery again and your team can remain isolated from Covid transmission risk while receiving.

Join dozens of kitchens across the tri-state area who are embracing this paradigm – it’s a win for us all. Contact your sales rep for details.

Account Status & Bill Pay

If you need a statement, a copy of an invoice, or an update on your account status, contact:

646 398 5043

You can also make an e-check or credit card payment here.

Please remit all payments to:

Bronx Lobster Place, LLC
PO Box 50001
Newark, NJ 07010

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